Bagnato Architects – Creating amazing homes and interiors for you to live in, is our passion.

As Architects, our role is more than just designing houses, its about designing homes that we can all live in and enjoy. But its more, its about feeling safe, its about having somewhere to escape to, when you feel happy, when you feel down and mostly when you want to be with family. So designing a house and creating a home comes with great responsibility. At Bagnato Architects we want you to share the joy of owning a home or extension that we have designed so that you can be the person you want to be in your own domain. Our blogg will share many of the insights that we have when it comes to creating not only an architecturally interesting building but also how the interior of your home can set the tone for each day of your life. After all, interior furnishings are the clothes that our buildings wear and as clothes have a certain way that make you feel special, so do the interiors of your home, making you feel, comfortable, cosy and any other feeling that is true to you, on a daily basis and everyday other day. Live your life with passion.